Data security

Time2Give is developed and hosted in Denmark, so you don't have to worry about data being stored or transferred to third countries. Our data processing agreement follows the Danish Data Protection Authority's recommendations.

Born in Denmark

Developed and hosted in the EU

Time2Give is developed in Denmark and hosted by Unit IT (previously Global Connect) in Denmark. Our sister company Time2Web has developed fundraising solutions for a large number of Danish NGOs. See references.

Data security

Automatic data anonymisation

Time2Give automatically deletes personal data following your requests. When we set up your site, we agree on a routine for when data is deleted or anonymised. As a starting point, fundraisers are deleted when there have been no donations for 12 months, and donor data is deleted after 60 months. You can also export data, or we can build an integration for your CRM database.

Following the Danish Data Protection Authority's template

Data processor agreement

In order not to enter into different data processing agreements with the various organisations, we use the data processing agreement recommended by the Danish Data Protection Authority. Select the “Skabeloner” (Templates) section at the bottom of the page.

Safely stored

Hosting and backup

Time2Give is hosted by Unit IT (previously Global Connect) in Denmark. We make an image backup of the entire system every night. In addition, an encrypted remote backup is made every night to an external Danish data centre of all files and data in the system.

Easy and safe

Two-factor authentication at login

We have two-factor authentication at login for all users.