Start fundraising tomorrow...

Getting started

We can have your peer-to-peer fundraising page live in a few hours, and we'll do most of the work for you. Here's what needs to be done before you're ready to start fundraising. You can also contact us for a free demonstration.


Adapting to your brand and design

We set up your peer-to-peer fundraising page with your logo, font, and colours so that it is ready for use, and we adjust according to your wishes and design guide. See here how it looks for some of our other customers.


DNS pointing

We set up your site on a subdomain of your choice, e.g. All you have to do is create an A-record that points to an IP address that we provide. It will take a few minutes for your domain administrator.


Integration with your payment gateway

We set up the integration with your Online Fundraising (or other payment gateway) so that you can receive donations, and data is automatically transferred to your Online Fundraising. It takes just a few minutes. See here what you have to do.


Integration with your Vipps MobilePay

Your donors can support a fundraiser directly from the Vipps MobilePay app on their phone. In order for us to show Vipps MobilePay donations for the individual fundraiser, you must give us permission to see transactions via Vipps MobilePay's API. We can do that with you in a few minutes. See here what you have to do.


We create an admin user for you

We invite the person(s) you want as admin users. Admin users, like other users, access the system back-end via and can then invite more users and customise campaigns, mail-flow, texts, etc.


Introduction to setting up campaigns and email flow

We arrange a session where we introduce relevant employees to how they edit and set up the front page, campaigns, texts, images, and email flows. Our experience is that in 1-2 hours, the employees who work with peer-to-peer fundraising will be comfortable with our system. And remember that after the introduction, free support is included for all registered users.


Remove password protection

We have set up a password that prevents access to your site until you are completely ready. When you are ready to start fundraising, you remove the password.

  • Log in at
  • Click Settings -> Global Settings
  • Select tab GDPR
  • Remove the password in the Global password protected field

Congratulations - you are now ready to start fundraising!