Personal fundraisers for any purpose

With Time2Give, it's easy for volunteers, donors, supporters, good-will ambassadors, and companies to raise funds for your cause. Here is why you should choose Time2Give as your peer-to-peer fundraising platform.

Seamless integration with Vipps MobilePay

Easy mobile donations

With our integration with Vipps MobilePay, fundraisers can get their own Vipps MobilePay number, and donors can support directly from the Vipps MobilePay app on their phone. That way, your supporters can bring their fundraiser offline - to flea markets, to their workplace, or to a charity concert.

Birthday or running a marathon?

Fundraisers for any purpose or occasion

With our platform, you can create fundraisers for an anniversary, an emergency campaign, or if you are organising a large fundraising event. All of this with e-mail flow, texts, and images that you can easily customise and edit yourself.

Donations go straight to your account

No share of your revenue

We connect to your preferred payment gateway. So donations go straight to your account, and unlike other peer-to-peer platforms, we do not charge a share of your revenue. Pricing and packages.

Personal poster for all fundraisers

No more posters and mailings

All fundraisers get a personal print-it-yourself poster with a QR code, so they can take their fundraiser offline - to their workplace or a flea market. It's easy for the fundraisers, and you save time on having to send posters or stickers by mail.

Phone, address or e-mail address only?

Customize all fields in your forms

You can easily set up which input fields are available and/or mandatory when creating a fundraiser or making a donation. It's all up to you and your personal data policy. You can also create custom input fields for special occasions.

Logo, colours and fonts

Your visual identity

We set up your site following your design and brand guidelines. You can also customise the site yourself or even style it using the built-in CSS.

Danish, english or sweedish?

Fundraisers in your preferred language

You can create campaigns in multiple languages, so fundraisers can choose their language and receive donations in DKK, SVK, NOK, euros, dollars, or other currencies.

DNS pointing

A subdomain of your choice

We publish your peer-to-peer platform on a sub-domain on your own site.

Hidden campaigns and fundraisers

Pitch an idea

If you've got a good idea for a collaboration with a company or a running club, you can create hidden campaigns and collections that you can show potential partners, so they can see the concept with their own eyes.

Data security

Automatic data anonymisation

When we set up your site, we agree on a routine for when data is deleted or anonymised. As a starting point, fundraisers are deleted when there have been no donations for 12 months, and donor data is deleted after 60 months. You can also export data, or we can build an integration for your CRM database. Read more about our data security.

And much more

Other features

  • 2-step verification at login
  • Export all fundraisers to Excel
  • Export all donations to Excel
  • Livestream overlay for fundraisers
  • Create fundraising teams
  • Danish tax report for donors